The High Price Tag Of Immodesty

It’s no secret that today’s society pressures girls to grow up too quickly. Our little girls aren’t allowed to stay little anymore! Instead of braces, stuffed animals, and graphic tees, today’s tweens are all about lipstick, contouring, and crop tops. With one one makeup tutorial, 12 can become 15 in a hurry. Don’t believe us? Sometimes it […]

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Eight Great Modest Swimsuit Websites

By Dannah Gresh, Creator of Secret Keeper Girl Dressing modestly AND CUTE day after day is a difficult task. (And at Secret Keeper Girl we think cute matters, too.) Throw swimwear into the mix and you just might call it the impossible task. NOW ADD YOUR DAUGHTER! It could be a recipe for a mother/daughter […]

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Christmas Challenge

This year has been incredible for Secret Keeper Girl and Pure Freedom! When we take time to reflect on what God has done our hearts fill up with joy. Not just because we have grown, but because we are able to touch more lives with the message of freedom found in Christ. The most exciting […]

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Missionary Sherri’s Warm Mango Muffins

Looking for a warm winter treat? We got this recipe from one of our missionary friends, and it is delicious! Working together to bake something special is great mother-daughter bonding time, and she’ll love these sweet, simple muffins. Here’s a hint: they’re best when they’re warm right out of the oven!   Mango Muffins  1 […]

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Three Modesty Must Haves For Girls Of All Ages

By Dannah Gresh, Creator of Secret Keeper Girl When my first book released, it made an unexpected and unprecedented mark in the girl world. (I continue to be amazed that God would take a girl from no where Pennsylvania—people honestly cannot remember the name of my home town—and with no platform and put her on His center […]

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