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Does your daughter know that she is a masterpiece created by God? Will she believe it in a few years, or will she succumb to the photoshop lies of culture? Secret Keeper Girl's Purple Party Tour invites moms and daughters to think and act differently. Through worship, fun bible teaching and memorable stories, tween girls will be told unequivocally that they are each a masterpiece created by God.

Want to know what Others Think?

My daughter and I attended the SKG...it was truly amazing. Our lives were blessed. It was amazing how my daughter could hear the same Important messages I attempt to fuss at her about, at the age of 8 the leaders talked about. God bless you all as you continue to touch the hearts of girls and their moms. We need it so much. To God Be All the Glory and Praise.

We bonded more in those 4 hours than we have in the last 12 months! I loved the one-on-one opportunities provided throughout the night for my daughter and I to laugh, share and pray together! Stellar presentation of such an important message...

It was an amazing bonding experience. My daughter and I are close but I've been worried about her starting middle school in the 6th grade and this event gave us a lot of insight and information to make that transition more smooth and is helping me teach her to not conform with what everyone else is doing and not to be a mean girl nor let mean girls get to her.