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Truth or Bare Fashion Tests

The Secret Keeper Girl Truth or Bare Fashion Tests were developed as a fun way for a girl and her mom to think about what she’s wearing and monitor outfits for modesty. Often, cut-and-dry rules such as, “Your skirt should be two inches below the knee” and “Your shorts need to come to the tips of your fingers,” are not always effective simply because each girl’s body is unique!  These tests have different results for every body type, age, and mind.  We hope the suggested Truth or Bare guidelines help a girl think for herself as she comes to recognize the types of clothing that are modest – specific to her own body and fashion sense!

0083 RaisePraise bw


TEST #1: Raise and Praise

Target Question: “Am I showing too much belly?”

Action: Stand up straight and raise both arms high in the air, like you are pointing up to Heaven. Is this exposing any belly? If so, your mom has permission to poke it!

Remedy: Visit the men’s or boy’s department and buy a simple ribbed tank top (they often come in packages of three) to wear under your funky short T’s and crop tops or with your trendy low-riding jeans. Layering is an easy way to solve the belly problem!


Mirror Image


TEST #2: Mirror Image

Target Question: “How short is too short?”

Action: Get in front of a full-length mirror. If you are wearing shorts, sit down criss-cross applesauce. If you’re in a skirt, sit in a chair with your legs crossed, applesauce. If you’re in a skirt, sit in a chair with your legs crossed, ladylike. Now, what do you see in the mirror? If you see undies, or lots of  thigh, your shorts or skirt is too short!

Remedy: Buy longer shorts and skirts! We know that due to today’s fashions, these can sometimes be hard to find. Fix the length problem by adding a pair of funky, bright-colored tights under your shorts and too-short skirts!


0096 SeeLondon bw

TEST #3: I see London, I see France

Target Question: “Can you see my underpants?”

Action: Bend over and touch your knees. Have your mom or a girl friend look at your bottom. Can she see the outline of your underpants? Can she see what color they are? How about your actual underwear because your pants are so low that you’re risking pulling a “plumber” exposure?

Remedy: If your pants are so tight that you can see the outline of your panties, try buying pants one size larger! Wear flesh-tone panties with white or very light pants.



TEST #4: Over & Out

Target Question: “Is my shirt too low?”

Action: Standing in front of a mirror, raise one hand up to God and place the other hand on the small of your back. Bend over. If anything comes out… Can you see a lot of skin? Your shirt is too low!

Remedy: Today’s fashions thrive on short, low-cut shirts. Layering them is often the only remedy. Consider a guys ribbed tank! The neckline comes up higher than most girls’ camis and they are much longer.