Secret Keeper Girl Bible Study Livestream

Don’t miss a video sign up for our unique resource to help your tween daughter dive into the Word of God while bonding with you! We have a monthly Girl Gab Bible Study series crafted to meet your tween daughter exactly where she is with some of the toughest tween trials such as friendship, acceptance, entitlement, submission, and how to study the Bible.

We’ll be diving into the Word of God to talk about specific biblical examples of triumphs and failures the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. EST. We’ll have an accompanying worksheet available for free for you to fill out during the webinar and use as a conversation springboard with your tween in the days and weeks that follow. Our panel of special guest speakers will offer tween girl tips & tricks, and as always we will have special 48 hour webinar coupon deals. And make sure to watch out for the bonus memory verses!

Will you join us?

Livestream Worksheets

Summer Shopping Survival 101 Worksheet

World’s Largest Valentween Party Worksheet

Three Ways To Increase Your Faith In 2017 Worksheet

Get Your Give On: Defeating the Greedy Grimy Gimme’s 2016 Worksheet

The Power of a Praying Girl: Part 2 – Recognizing God’s Voice 2016 Worksheet

Part 1 – How to talk to God 2016 Worksheet

Unshakable You: Knowing Whose You Are  2016 Worksheet

Girly Girls & Tomboys: Why God Thinks Both Are Awesome 2016 Worksheet

Mary, Martha, & Mood Swings: How Stress Can Lead You To Jesus 2016 Worksheet

Girl Power God’s Way: Defeating Self-Entitlement Syndrome 2016 Worksheet

Online with Eve: 5 Lessons In Self-Control 2016 Worksheet

Esther’s 3 Beauty Secrets: How a Girl’s View of Beauty Changes Everything 2016 Worksheet

Accepting Your (sub)Mission 2015 Worksheet

Goodbye Self-Esteem, Hello Kindness 2015 Worksheet

The Frenemy Zone: Doing Friendship Like Jesus 2015 Worksheet

Tween Bible Study 101: How to Read the Bible, Meditate & Pray 2015 Worksheet

Back to School Modesty 2015 Worksheet

Girl Gab: Girly Girls & Tomboys

Girl Gab: Unshakable You

Girl Gab: Girl Power, God’s Way

Girl Gab: The ‘Frenemy’ Zone