Mother/Daughter Date: CHOCOLATE OVERLOAD

  This is the big one, mom! The conversation everyone wants a book to help with. Basically all Christian psychologists and family experts out there all agree that the big sex talk needs to take place much earlier than we, as parents, are generally comfortable having it. What happens if you wait? Jimmy Hester, founder of True […]

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Mother/Daughter Devo: SPA DAY

  As you’re bringing up your tween, you’re probably starting to notice something – ‘hygiene isn’t easy to talk about or teach biblically, simply because there’s not a lot about practical cleansing in the Bible. (There’s much more on ritual cleansing.) But, one thing stands true: your body is a holy temple for the living God […]

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Mother/Daughter Date: CAREER DAY

Ultimately, God gets to choose how we live out the practice of glorifying him and being faithful to glorify God in our bodies as girls and women requires sacrifice. This is a truth that you need to infuse this truth into your daughter at a young age. It is God who gets to decide how we […]

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Mother/Daughter Date: GIRLS NIGHT OUT

On this date, we want the conversation you have with your daughter to focus on the truth that her primary purpose is to glorify God. Since that means she must make him known and visible, her primary practice will be to look like Him. Have fun on this ‘Girls Night Out’! Challenge Activity: Girl’s Night Out Key […]

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Lemon Moon Cookies

Looking for the perfect summer cookie? Light. Airy. Lemony and so sweet even kids love ’em. Look no further than our Lemon Moon Cookies. This one is so simple, that it’s a great recipe to teach your daughter measuring and mixing. It makes for some really fun mother/daughter kitchen time.   Lemon Moon Cookies 1 […]

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How Do I Talk to My Daughter About Mood Swings?

Have you noticed it? One minute she’s as happy as a lark, and in a matter of seconds she can become enraged with anger or defeated in tears with no explanation at all. Nothing welcomes a tween to puberty quite like mood swings. Before you get frustrated, remember what it was like, Mom. You were […]

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Dealing with the Makeup Monster

MAKEUP! It can be a big deal for girls. And that means it can be a really messy mostrous topic for moms! Most little girls become interested in makeup after witnessing her mother put it on many times. It’s normal for girls to want to be and look like their mommies. If you’ve ever wondered why your […]

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Is Your Daughter Body-Conscious?

Looks are exorbitantly important in our world today. Our society is obsessed! Too often, it’s not the soul, heart, or character of a person that determines who or what they are. “Everything is about how   Dannah Gresh’s Secret Keeper Girl Tour is a faith-based mother-daughter connecting experience. This 2 1/2 hour event features two fun fashion shows […]

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How Do I Talk to My Daughter About Spending?

By Dannah Gresh, Creator of Secret Keeper Girl It doesn’t matter how much your daughter has watched you print coupons or chase down bargains, somewhere around the age of twelve she will “just die” if she can’t spend something-like-half-the-amount-of-the-national-debt on a pair of jeans. What’s a mom to do? I didn’t know. My normally content […]

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