How to be a Better Mom

So you want to be a better mom. As you well know by now, parenting does not come with a step-by-step manual explaining your child’s individual needs through every stage of their life. Child-rearing is an overwhelmingly dynamic process that often leaves us feeling unqualified. And (brace yourselves!) it doesn’t get easier. There’s no sigh of relief once you get through those terrible twos. In fact, studies have shown that mothers struggle the most when their kids are in their tween years (


These years are hard on both mothers and kids for good reason: The tween years are some of the most formative years in a person’s development. And we’re not just talking about puberty! In Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl, Dannah Gresh reveals that “value formation — concerning purity, family structure, sobriety, and other all too common teen issues — does not occur during the teen years. These values are formed from the ages of 8 to 12.”

Guiding our girls through their tweens is a big job when we’re up against a monstrous culture that targets our girls with impossible beauty standards, oversexualization, the normalization of mean girl behavior, and more at younger and more vulnerable ages. But there is one key influence playing a role in protecting your daughter’s heart: you. Studies show that parent-child connectedness is the number one risk reducer in our children’s susceptibility to the lies of culture.


So, moms, it’s up to us. This information might feel overwhelming to those of us who feel like we’re messing our kids up. But let me offer you two truths to encourage you for the tumultuous tween years.

  1. You are the mother God designed for your children. He knew your flaws before the pregnancy test developed. He put you in your position for a purpose and he does not make mistakes. But he understands that we do make mistakes, so he is walking along with you and with your children through them. Simply being there for your kids is enough because God created your title as Mom and said “It is good.”

  2. While we may not have a manual for how to flawlessly raise our children, God has given us a manual that instructs us of what values to instill into our children. As our kids are fumbling to build their worldviews in those tween years, directing them to God’s Word can lay the foundation for Godly values that will last throughout their lives.

But how do you become that better mom that believes these truths and puts them into practice? First, you’ll need to lay the foundation for a strong, trusting connection with your girl. And from that foundation you can begin to build her worldview. Simple, right? Okay, we understand that those two tasks are a little more complicated than that! But we have a plan to kickstart your connection and become a better mom in just 2 1/2 hours. And even better: you’ll enjoy every minute of it! Picture this: a night out with your girl filled with irresistible fun and a thorough breakdown of the Biblical truths you both need to know to live a life for Jesus in a world full of lies. Through Secret Keeper Girl Live events, Dannah Gresh has strategically structured a one-night experience to give you the tools you need to bond with your girl and teach her that she is a masterpiece created by God. The event opens conversation for some of the building blocks of your tween girl’s worldview to help you begin the journey of raising her up to be a woman of God. You’ll leave feeling energized, encouraged, and connected! If you’re ready to be a better mom, find a Secret Keeper Girl Live event near you that will bring you and your girl closer to each other and closer to Jesus.