Is Your Daughter Body-Conscious?

Looks are exorbitantly important in our world today. Our society is obsessed! Too often, it’s not the soul, heart, or character of a person that determines who or what they are. “Everything is about how

[people] look and who is beautiful,” which is ironic because most of the beauty we see on television, billboards and in movies has been vastly altered through the power of makeup and magic of Photoshop. It’s fake. Unattainable. Yet it often tempts a lot of us to be unhappy with our natural and God-given beauty. Why is that?

In Dannah Gresh’s latest book, Raising Body-Confident Daughters, she explains that “body consciousness is the state of being constantly aware of the body – either others or your own, but mostly your own.” A simple look at your daughter’s actions and priorities can tell you if she is currently body conscious or at risk of becoming so.

Does she have an obsession with clothing and make-up?
Is she constantly noticing the appearance of others or herself?
Does she seem to have body shame?
Does she sexualize herself or others?
Can she walk past a mirror without checking herself out?

If you daughter suffers from body-consciousness, she will most likely fall prey to being unsatisfied with how her Creator made her and try to achieve beauty in unrealistic and sometimes dangerous ways. If your daughter is body-conscious, she has a greater chance of having low self esteem, depression, and making an early sexual debut. Body-confidence is what we want to help your daughter (and you) achieve!

“Body-confidence is the state of knowing your body’s purpose and being able to depend on it to do what God designed it to do without making too much or too little of it.” On a pendulum, it is located somewhere in the middle of caring enough but not too much. How can this delicate balance be achieved? This may surprise you, but teaching your daughter to confidently care about her body in a godly way doesn’t even start with a focus on her body! It starts with an  “[emphasis on] the care of her spirit and [teaching] her to press in to godliness.” The road to body confidence starts with being more concerned with the spirit than the body.

The body is good. Beautiful. Each one is unique and was skillfully created to display the glory of God! But unless the spirit is surrendered to the control of the Holy Spirit, the body will not accomplish its glorious purpose. God, as your daughter’s Master Designer, is the best voice she can listen to on how to care about her body and appearance in a balanced and honorable way.
All quotes are taken from Raising Body-Confident Daughters by Dannah Gresh (2015)

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