Dannah Gresh’s Upcoming Speaking Appearances

We are often asked, “When and where is Dannah Gresh speaking?”

You know her as the creator of Secret Keeper Girl and the author of many of the resources you’ve come to treasure as you raise your kiddos. Did you know that she’s also a sought-after speaker? Featured on CNN, Fox News, and Focus on the Family, Dannah has also delivered a powerful TedTalk on tolerance for virginity in the midst of a culture that embraces every other sexual choice.

Most of Dannah’s speaking engagements are for moms who need refreshed and fueled up to teach their daughter’s truth, OR for high school or college students seeking truth on sexual theology. (Sometimes a combination of all of that!)

Here are some upcoming speaking engagements where you’d get to sit under Dannah’s teaching, meet her, and ask questions. She’ll even be happy to sign a book for your daughter…or you!

  • B413  No Filter Live Tour
    B413’s No Filter Live Tour is where tweens (both boys and girls) bring their parents (both mom and dad) for a night of connecting to each other and to God. Enjoy music from Christian artists, illusions from Brock Gill, and Dannah will be teaching families how get to embrace faith as their true filter for living. Appearing in Bowling Green, KY and Austin, TX.

  • Thrive Night for women aged 16+
    Frank conversation about sexuality and relationships for women aged 16 and up. Dannah will share with you the one thing about sex and relationships that no one ever tells you to give you a heavenly perspective on an earthly gift. Register here.
  • Unshaken Northeast for Moms in Prayer International
    Join Dannah and Moms in Prayer CEO Sally Burke for a weekend encounter with God that will flood your soul with peace, so you can stand Unshaken in any circumstances. Dannah will teach on the Secret of the Lord and Becoming an Unshaken Mom Through Prayer. Register here.
  • Dannah’s Fall speaking calendar will be released soon!

And of course, you can keep up with where the Secret Keeper Girl tour is appearing by visiting our tour page!


Janiece - June 30, 2014

New to this wish I had found earlier for my oldest granddaughter, she is 15. Can’t wait to get involved with my baby granddaughter ( 9). Thanks so much!

Sandy Lopes - October 7, 2014

Please keep it up for our sake and most importantly the sake of our young daughters…
WE NEED YOU!!! JOHN 15:16 Sandy

Crissie - February 2, 2015

We need you to come to Texas!

Sharol - April 21, 2015

Dannah, we need you in Bakersfield, California. Please come soon.

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