Christmas Challenge

This year has been incredible for Secret Keeper Girl and Pure Freedom! When we take time to reflect on what God has done our hearts fill up with joy. Not just because we have grown, but because we are able to touch more lives with the message of freedom found in Christ.

The most exciting thing we want to celebrate with you is that this year, 1,546 girls came to know Christ through our Secret Keeper Girl events!

Here’s a look at some other great things that have been happening in our world! In 2017 and now moving into 2018 we:


With all this exciting growth, the list of additional resources required is also growing! We need your help as we close out 2017. Not to keep the lights on, but to allow us to reach more tween girls and boys for Christ. We are looking to add staff and develop a great new show, along with other expenses. God did amazing things in 2017 and we know that His plans for 2018 are even greater.


Here’s where you come in: would you come alongside us with a gift before the end of December? Our Girl-to-Girl members give consistently, but would you consider increasing your giving by $10 a month, or giving a one-time gift of $100? If you are not a monthly donor or this is your first time giving to the ministry, would you join us by giving to help us move forward? Our goal is to raise $150,000 by the end of December, and we can only do that through your prayerful giving!

Click here to join us as we move into 2018.