Brand New Book Set From Dannah Gresh!

Is it possible to teach a girl modesty without creating body shame? I believe emphatically the answer is yes, and I am so excited to share the secrets on how to do so in my two new books, Secret Keeper Girl: The Power of Modesty for Tweens and Secret Keeper Girl: Mom-Daughter Devos & Coloring Experience, (Moody Publishers, September 5, 2017)! Through years of research and experience, I have found that grade school girls, ages eight to twelve are now the at-risk demographic for body image issues. 

Strong evidence exists to prove that clothing now being marketed to younger and younger girls pressuring them to grow up too fast—while creating no apparent immediate effect—is clearly linked to eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression when these girls become teens. This, in part, is what motivates me to take a message of modesty and true beauty to girls.

Now, I know that the evangelical modesty movement is not without its critics. Trust me, I’ve heard from plenty of them! This summer, the blog of a self-proclaimed “arm chair theologian” decrying teaching on modesty has gone viral in the Christian community, and it’s true-some modesty advocates are legalists who objectify women. But I teach modesty because the Bible does, and when it’s done correctly it promotes a strong body image in these girls, enabling them to bypass the often-serious risks of body image issues!

I would advise and encourage all parents to deepen the conversations with their tween about modesty and outside influences because on-going conversation works! Honest and even messy discussion with our daughters is crucial.  I will never shy away from asking hard questions if the answers lead to strength and courage for tweens, teens, and even adults! Where are your daughters spending their time? In front of the mirror and posting to their Instagram accounts? Or in God’s Word where they can deepen their understanding of their value? Because I know our daughters find themselves trapped by a fixation of what they look like and what others think of them, my new book, Secret Keeper Girl: The Power of Modesty for Tweens explores these tensions and provides solutions.

Many of the topics I address in the books have come from my personal experiences. I’ve changed from a girl who disliked what I saw in the mirror so much that I would not look in it, to a woman who looks in the mirror and feels confident with how God created me to look! Working on my internal beauty helped me to accept my physical appearance. That is the key. Every woman can experience “body confidence” through a love relationship with Jesus. Modesty isn’t so much about rules as it is about understanding our hearts and why we make the choices we do. Modesty is a power that protects the ability of others to see God’s good works in your heart and through your life. It is not meant to hide your body, but to reveal the true beauty that grows within you! That is the message I’ve been declaring for nearly two decades, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon!



Dannah Gresh’s Secret Keeper Girl Tour is a faith-based mother-daughter connecting experience. This 2 1/2 hour event features two fun fashion shows that demonstrate modesty and true beauty, deep Bible teaching, live worship, and stories that help girls aged 7-12 embrace true beauty and modesty. Incredible balloon sculptures, bouncing beach ball competitions, mother/daughter conversation time & colorful confetti cannons make the night unforgettable. Click the video below for a sneak peak.