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How Do I Talk to My Daughter About DRUGS & ALCOHOL?

By Dannah Gresh, Creator of Secret Keeper Girl It’s time for me to tell a story that I didn’t think I would ever share publicly. My hometown is being rocked by the death of a Penn State student, who would be alive today were it not for alcohol. My heart breaks for the parents as they face […]

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Five Ways To Fight-Free Prom Dress Shopping

 By Dannah Gresh, Creator of Secret Keeper Girl Other moms told me that raising my two girl to embrace modesty would come with tears of anger and fits of rage at the mall. That wasn’t really my experience. I have a lot of warm, wonderful Shop Til We Drop memories. That doesn’t mean every moment […]

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Eight Great Modest Swimsuit Websites

By Dannah Gresh, Creator of Secret Keeper Girl Dressing modestly AND CUTE day after day is a difficult task. (And at Secret Keeper Girl we think cute matters, too.) Throw swimwear into the mix and you just might call it the impossible task. NOW ADD YOUR DAUGHTER! It could be a recipe for a mother/daughter […]

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How Do I Talk to My Daughter About Disappointment?

By Dannah Gresh, Creator of Secret Keeper Girl She tried out, but didn’t make the team. She did her best, and still lost. An adult she admired let her down. Exciting plans fell through. Her BFF broke a promise. It’s time to talk about it straight up, but how? Sometimes as a mom, I feel absolutely paralyzed […]

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How Do I Talk to My Daughter About Mood Swings?

Have you noticed it? One minute she’s as happy as a lark, and in a matter of seconds she can become enraged with anger or defeated in tears with no explanation at all. Nothing welcomes a tween to puberty quite like mood swings. Before you get frustrated, remember what it was like, Mom. You were […]

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How Do I Talk to My Daughter About GOALS?

Do you know what goals your daughter has? Does she have any? We are raising our daughters to be God-crazy movers and shakers for the Kingdom of Heaven. By encouraging them to have and pursue goals, we are teaching them to seek and pursue God’s will for their life as well as motivating them to […]

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The Woman Every Girl Wants to Be

Have you ever asked your daughter who her role model is? Recently, Girl Talk Magazine (the UK’s longest-running girl’s magazine) asked 376,000 readers (most of whom are ages 7-10) who they would most like to become when they grow up. Bea Appleby, Girl Talk Magazine Editor, described the results of the survey as “unsettling, if not […]

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How Do I Talk to My Daughter About NAME BRANDS?

Do you fight the name-brand battle with your tween? Does she covet the clothes of  another girl at school? Do you hear, “Mom… I have NOTHING to wear!” Even though her closet is stuffed with dozens of outfits? If so, you may have a style-savvy tween who is caught up in fashion. It’s easy for […]

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How Do I Talk to My Daughter About Shaving Her Legs?

By Dannah Gresh, Creator of Secret Keeper Girl Well, shaving can be a “hairy” topic for moms and their girls. When is the right time to allow her to start shaving? Is she ready? Well, let’s start with remembering your first shave! A national survey of women on posed this question: “The first time you shaved, […]

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How Do I Talk To My Daughter About Anorexia?

Anorexia used to be a disorder that affected teenage girls – girls who were typically in dance or athletics and pushed their body toward excellence. Now it’s affecting 9-12 year olds, with girls as young as 7 being clinically diagnosed. What’s happening to our girls? How is their perception of beauty and confidence becoming so […]

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