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Five Ways To Fight-Free Prom Dress Shopping

 By Dannah Gresh, Creator of Secret Keeper Girl Other moms told me that raising my two girl to embrace modesty would come with tears of anger and fits of rage at the mall. That wasn’t really my experience. I have a lot of warm, wonderful Shop Til We Drop memories. That doesn’t mean every moment […]

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Eight Great Modest Swimsuit Websites

By Dannah Gresh, Creator of Secret Keeper Girl Dressing modestly AND CUTE day after day is a difficult task. (And at Secret Keeper Girl we think cute matters, too.) Throw swimwear into the mix and you just might call it the impossible task. NOW ADD YOUR DAUGHTER! It could be a recipe for a mother/daughter […]

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How Do I Talk to My Daughter About Disappointment?

By Dannah Gresh, Creator of Secret Keeper Girl She tried out, but didn’t make the team. She did her best, and still lost. An adult she admired let her down. Exciting plans fell through. Her BFF broke a promise. It’s time to talk about it straight up, but how? Sometimes as a mom, I feel absolutely paralyzed […]

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How Do I Talk to My Daughter About GUY FRIENDS?

Does she like to run with the boys? You hear names like Jacob and David more often than Jessica and Emily in after-school conversations? Is this a good thing, bad thing or is she just a tomboy? Early dating relationships, teen sex without consequences and a constant diet of boy-crazines is marketed to our daughters […]

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Heather’s Crazy Hair Story

Yes, I am a natural red head. I have always enjoyed having red hair and the spunky, fiery attitude that goes with it! When I was entering the 4th grade, my mother took me to the salon to have my back-to-school haircut. We decided that it might be fun to do something different… The stylist […]

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How Do I Talk to My Daughter About DRUGS & ALCOHOL?

Is it ever too early? By now you know the answer to that is, No! While a preschooler may not be able to understand the side affects of heroine, she is able to understand that smoking is dangerous and can make people sick. From the time your daughter starts kindergarten, you can begin having brief, […]

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All Buttoned Up

      So many dresses today give off the not-so-little girl vibe. We want a look for our girls that says sweet and innocent rather than growing up too fast. However, many dresses that are little girl appropriate are often lack-luster when it comes to style. Want to add some color to your dress? […]

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How Do I Talk to My Daughter About Mood Swings?

Have you noticed it? One minute she’s as happy as a lark, and in a matter of seconds she can become enraged with anger or defeated in tears with no explanation at all. Nothing welcomes a tween to puberty quite like mood swings. Before you get frustrated, remember what it was like, Mom. You were […]

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Dannah Gresh’s Upcoming Speaking Appearances

We are often asked, “When and where is Dannah Gresh speaking?” You know her as the creator of Secret Keeper Girl and the author of many of the resources you’ve come to treasure as you raise your kiddos. Did you know that she’s also a sought-after speaker? Featured on CNN, Fox News, and Focus on the […]

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How Do I Talk to My Daughter About GOALS?

Do you know what goals your daughter has? Does she have any? We are raising our daughters to be God-crazy movers and shakers for the Kingdom of Heaven. By encouraging them to have and pursue goals, we are teaching them to seek and pursue God’s will for their life as well as motivating them to […]

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