All Buttoned Up




So many dresses today give off the not-so-little girl vibe. We want a look for our girls that says sweet and innocent rather than growing up too fast. However, many dresses that are little girl appropriate are often lack-luster when it comes to style.

Want to add some color to your dress? How about some bling? Adding simple embellishments can take your dress from dull to designer in a matter of minutes!


Does your girl love rhinestones, sequins and bling? Help your daughter sew some along the hem of her dress or along the neckline for a touch of fancy. Is she funky and expressive? Let her pick out some themed buttons for a unique style spin.

This grey dress appears in the Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour It’s Sew Crazy Fashion Show. We felt it was a bit drab on its own so we added a collar of buttons!