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How To Avoid Raising Monks

How to Avoid Raising Monks (23)

You want to teach your children to be discerning, not block them from absolutely everything. You’re not raising them to be monks. The Bible instructs the spiritual person to be discerning in all things. Teaching your children to discern means learning the art of asking questions. When my girls were tweens and they were watching Read the full article…

Limited Attendance Available In “Lies Little Girls Believe” Focus Groups


Well over one million women have been radically set free by the best-selling book Lies Women Believe. But many of the women who read that book were mothers who asked Nancy, “Can you write something for my daughter? I started believing these lies when I was a teenager.” It was my tremendous honor to be invited Read the full article…

How To Say “No” In A Media-Driven World

How to Avoid Raising Monks (2)

Did you know that the average tween girl spends 38 hours a week in front of a screen? The Bible says your eye is the lamp of the body–when it’s healthy it’s full of light but when it’s bad it’s full of darkness. How can a mother protect her child’s biblical value system in a Read the full article…

Biological Evidence Of Media’s Impact On Girl

How to Avoid Raising Monks (3)

Ground breaking research reveals that exposure to mildly sexual or romantic messages can actually increase the rate at which your daughter becomes hormonal. Yup, you heard me right. Television shows with boy-girl relationships for 8- to 12-year-old girls and music lyrics that are sexual and the occasional PG-13 movie actually create a biological change in Read the full article…

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