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Behind the Scenes At The Crazy Hair Tour


What’s it take to get ready for the Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour each day? Well, one thing is for sure our days and lives are CRAZY when we’re on tour. Here’s a taste of what it looks like behind the scenes including a look at the world’s largest hamburger (a necessary tour survival Read the full article…

Cheerios Debunks Fatherhood Myths Perpetuated By Media


For too long, men have been the brunt of the jokes in admittedly funny television commercials. Leading brands have been jumping on the “stupid-men” band-wagon, portraying dads in particular as hapless overgrown kids who can’t make decisions and manage without a smart woman by their side. This month, General Mills takes an entertaining sideswipe at Read the full article…

Unmasking The Modeling Industry’s Lies About Weight


Recently, plus sized model Robyn Lawley (in the make-up mask) landed a contract with Ralph Lauren to the worldwide applause of mothers who want to raise healthy daughters. She’s the first of her size to achieve such an iconic place in the modeling world, and yet… she remains “too big” for the runway. Runway  models, Read the full article…

3 Lessons About Beauty Your Tween Must Learn


Do you worry about the cultural messages your daughter faces about her beauty? With the average age of eating disorder clinic patients dropping dramatically from fifteen years to ten in the past decade your concern is valid. The Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour is a movement with a message. It is our intention that your tween Read the full article…

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"Modesty, purity and inner beauty presented in a "screamingly" fun format."

"I wish Secret Keeper Girl had been available when our daughter was moving through her tweens."
-Dr. James Dobson

"LOVED it!!!!...teaches modest values that our society has forgotten about..."

"I shared prayers with my little princess about HER struggles. It was an eye-opening moment and a memory etched in my heart forever. Secret Keeper Girl is a MUST for every little girl!"

"The show was full of energy and excitement, but it also gave my daughter and me the chance to really connect like never before. We laughed, cried, and shared a tender memory that was just ours. We can't wait to go again"