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Priceless Things That Money CAN Buy


The Secret Keeper Girl to Girl fund exists to be able to hear a need and respond to it on the spot! Through your Girl to Girl donations, a myriad of cries from families and children have been heart and met. Here is a special story that is close to our hearts… In June 2015, Secret Keeper Read the full article…

Family Possessions Set to Be Sold at Auction Until…


Last year a very special Girl to Girl (G2G) partner named Julie inspired our hearts and did something that we will never forget.  As the single mother of a beautiful tween she realized the immense blessings God had bestowed upon her and decided to BE a blessing. She reached out to the Girl to Girl family on Read the full article…

Give a PINK Box This Christmas

pinkbox (1)

Do you remember being 12 years old? Do you remember feeling hopeful and light, your days being carefree and filled with laughter? Do you remember your biggest worry in life being your spelling test on Friday or if your parents would allow you to go over to your best friend’s house after school? Now imagine Read the full article…

Modesty Can Sometimes Be Frustrating


by Charmaine, SKG Lead Teacher Summer 2015 was a weird one for me. It was filled with lessons and growth which led to very frustrating freedom. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Well, let me explain – for the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed being in my own skin this past summer and it Read the full article…

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"Modesty, purity and inner beauty presented in a "screamingly" fun format."

"I wish Secret Keeper Girl had been available when our daughter was moving through her tweens."
-Dr. James Dobson

"LOVED it!!!!...teaches modest values that our society has forgotten about..."

"I shared prayers with my little princess about HER struggles. It was an eye-opening moment and a memory etched in my heart forever. Secret Keeper Girl is a MUST for every little girl!"

"The show was full of energy and excitement, but it also gave my daughter and me the chance to really connect like never before. We laughed, cried, and shared a tender memory that was just ours. We can't wait to go again"