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Overbooked? Overworked? Overscheduled? Practical Advice For You & Your Tween


If anyone knows chaotic schedules, it’s a mother AND her kids. School. Family. Friends. Homework. Dance. Sports Practice. Dentist. Church. Clubs. Music Lessons. OH MY! The list goes on and on. The social skills and character-building qualities that your children garner by being involved in healthy activities are worth the maniacal struggle of getting everyone where they Read the full article…

“It’s GREAT to Be a Guy” – FINALLY!


You emailed. You cried. You posted. You shouted – we NEED more resources for our BOYS! As we heartily agreed with you, in response we scratched, clawed – all in love, of course – and did all that we could to bring you a brand new BOYS book! April 1, 2016, It’s Great to Be Read the full article…

Behind the Scenes At SKG The Crazy Hair Tour


What’s it take to get ready for the Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour each day? Well, one thing is for sure our days and lives are CRAZY when we’re on tour. Here’s a taste of what it looks like behind the scenes including a look at the world’s largest hamburger (a necessary tour survival tool at Read the full article…

Should My Daughter Get The Gardasil Vaccine?


I write a lot about what God’s word says about sex. Therefore, I’m often fielding questions on related topics including the HPV vaccination, Gardasil, which the Center For Disease Control recommends for girls and boys aged 11 and 12 (though it can be given as early as year nine). I’m not a medical professional, and Read the full article…

How To Find the Right Bra for Your Daughter


Our little girls are being pushed to grow up at younger and younger ages. Make-up, suggestive clothing, and over-sexualized dolls are being marketed to our little girls. Bras are just one more thing in the lineup. More stores are selling push-up bras to your little girls, many of whom don’t have anything to push up! Read the full article…

Are you a Princess or a Daughter of the King?


In a recent focus group, 76% of moms said their tween daughters struggle to obey authority while 97% of those daughters admitted they struggle to obey.  Virtually all of our tween girls are struggling to prize an attitude of respect in our “here’s a blue ribbon for showing up” and “you totally deserve that pricey frappuccino” culture.  Don’t Read the full article…

Any DIVAS living in your house?


With programs like Toddlers and Tiaras and reality shows where sass and diva-ness is applauded and laughed at, it’s no wonder that many struggle with raising daughters who aren’t brats. Now you may be thinking, ‘nope! That’s not my little girl!’ If that’s true, awesome, but let’s ask you a question – does your daughter Read the full article…

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"Modesty, purity and inner beauty presented in a "screamingly" fun format."

"I wish Secret Keeper Girl had been available when our daughter was moving through her tweens."
-Dr. James Dobson

"LOVED it!!!!...teaches modest values that our society has forgotten about..."

"I shared prayers with my little princess about HER struggles. It was an eye-opening moment and a memory etched in my heart forever. Secret Keeper Girl is a MUST for every little girl!"

"The show was full of energy and excitement, but it also gave my daughter and me the chance to really connect like never before. We laughed, cried, and shared a tender memory that was just ours. We can't wait to go again"