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Devo 5 : Your Body, A Source of Life


This is the big one, mom! The conversation everyone wants a book to help with. Basically all Christian psychologists and family experts out there all agree that the big sex talk needs to take place much earlier than we, as parents, are generally comfortable having it. What happens if you wait? Jimmy Hester, founder of True Love Read the full article…

Devo #4 : Your Body, God’s Temple


As you’re bringing up your tween, you’re probably starting to notice something – ‘hygiene isn’t easy to talk about or teach biblically, simply because there’s not a lot about practical cleansing in the Bible. (There’s much more on ritual cleansing.) But, one thing stands true: your body is a holy temple for the living God of Read the full article…

Devo #3 : Your Body, A Sacrifice


Before we get started, let’s review really quickly! – Date #1 : Your daughter’s primary purpose is to glorify God. (I Corinthians 6:20) – Date #2 : Your daughter’s primary practice, then, must be to look like him and we do that best in the context of distinctive maleness or femaleness. (Genesis 1:26,27) – Date Read the full article…

Devo #2 : Your Body, Its Practice


In Devo #1, you learned that the purpose of your body, of your daughter’s body is to glorify God. The next conversation to have with your daughter sits solidly on the truth that her primary purpose is to glorify God. Since that means she must make him known and visible, her primary practice will be to Read the full article…

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